The National Guard & Chopped:  MRE Style

On May 10th, students in Mrs.Graybill’s Exploring Foods classes had the opportunity to not only learn about MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) kits from David Condrack Jr SFC USARMY NG PAARNG (USA) from the National Guard, but a chance to apply their knowledge and cooking skills in the form of a Chopped style cooking challenge. Students were individually and creatively given MRE kits they had to “elevate” in order to make them taste better. Like any challenge, there were specific rules they had to work with. They had to use at least two items from each of their meal kits to create an appetizer, main dish, dessert and beverage. They could also use anything in the pantry such as staples, seasonings and condiments. On May 11th, students were given 25 minutes to create and plate their ideas generated from the previous day, which were then served to a panel of civilian and soldier judges. Students enjoyed the challenge, but did admit to finding it a bit stressful! The overall experience and results were very well done, creative and surprising!  We hope this becomes an annual event!