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WiFi Info

Parents and Students of East Juniata:

WiFi internet is now available to our students to help expand educational opportunities. With this new opportunity there is also another level of responsibility expected of our students with their electronic devices. Here are our new guidelines:

  1. Students are permitted to use devices as phones only before 8:00 and after 3:15, otherwise they
    need to visit the office to use their phone.
  2. Students are permitted to use devices silently in between classes in the hallways, study hall, lunch periods, and in class only when permitted by the teacher.
  3. Violation of the electronic device policy will result in automatic detention with progressive discipline being applied for repeat offenses.

To log into our WiFi, students must log in and use the student password: Juniata2015

Please be aware, our WiFi is filtered through the school’s server.

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