Parent Access to Course Grades

Your teachers and students are teaching and learning with ODYSSEYWARE. Now you can offer parents a new way to participate and get instant access to their child’s progress with our newest feature, ODYSSEYWARE Parent Mode.

ODYSSEYWARE administrators can now set up direct associations between students and their parents or guardians which will allow parents to log in to the online learning environment and view student grades.

The process is simple. Parents must sign a license agreement and complete a sign-up form including name, email address, and other pertinent personal information. This will allow administrators to link these parents with their students online and create a parent profile. Once established, parents will have online access to student grades and lesson plans and will be able to run reports to keep their own records of their child’s progress.

Current research suggests that parental involvement is one key component to a student’s academic achievement. Across income levels and cultural boundaries, students whose parents are involved tend to

  • Earn higher grades and test scores, and enroll in higher-level programs

  • Be promoted, pass their classes, and earn credits

  • Attend school regularly

  • Have better social skills, show improved behavior and adapt well to school

  • Graduate and go on to post-secondary education