GOOD Work on scheduled courses 43 minutes per day, per course (Monday-Friday) or show program completion and competency

Review the “ Progress Reports” weekly show appropriate growth and attendance.

If a student will not be able to log on, a written excuse by the parent/guardian must be emailed to the JCVA Program Coordinator’s secretary within 48 hours.
Follow JCSD attendance procedures along with student pacing guide to determine time on task and work completed. Students who have an A/B Average and are on pace to complete the program will receive internet reimbursement along with letter explaining why or why not a student did or did not receive reimbursement.
WARNING A progress report is “ Red Flagged”*

When students have missed any 5 school days excused or unexcused
A scheduled “face to face” meeting with the cyber academy program coordinator will occur. Some extra-curricular opportunities may be denied.
ALERT If a student has ten consecutive absences without having a written excuse.
No educational progress for two unexcused weeks.

Not attending a scheduled “face to face meeting” with the JCVA coordinators.
“Face to face” meeting with a JCVA coordinator to discuss removal from the program.