Covid-19 Information

September 16, 2020

Dear JCSD Families,

The Juniata County School District is committed to keeping our schools open and our students safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our administration is continually monitoring Juniata County’s COVID case count information to ensure the safety of our students while at school.

Recently our county has had an increased amount of COVID cases which has resulted in The Pa. Department of Education identifying Juniata County as having a substantial risk. In response to this, we must continue to monitor cases and decide on a weekly basis whether to reduce the number of students present in the buildings to prevent an outbreak. Every Thursday at 2:00 pm the district will announce the next week’s plan. This will be to maintain the current 4-1 plan, move to the 2-2-1 plan or move to full remote learning with our buildings closed.

The 2-2-1 plan reduces the number of students in the building. Half of the students, generally the first half of alphabetical last names (A-K) will attend 2 days, Monday and Tuesday, the other half (L-Z) will attend the other 2 days, Wednesday and Thursday with no students attending on Fridays. Students will still be responsible for their lessons on days they are not in attendance onsite, just as we have done for Fridays thus far. Parents and students can see which days to attend on Sapphire. If you have any questions, please reach out to your building administrators.

Students enrolled solely in the Hybrid/Option 2 or JCVA will be unaffected.

We hope these efforts will prevent further outbreak in our schools and keep them open even if in a limited capacity.

COVID Dashboard - You can click on Juniata County for the current Level of Community Transmission data.

COVID Monitoring Dashboard - You can click on Juniata County for current incident data.

Determining Instructional Models - PDE has released how our status is determined.